"This band is one that lights up the dance floor and makes people move their feet. The band is incredible and CJ Ryder knows how to work the crowd into a frenzy, this is 50's and 60's Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be. What a show! If Bill Haley and the Comets & Earth Wind and Fire had a love child with Tom Jones, it would be CJ RYDER and the Past Masters"...

Quote from a Fan.

Here's what the pro's in the business are saying:

"The Sock Hop is TRULY back with these guy's if you want the real deal Rockabilly to swing dancing this the band for the job. The dance floor stays packed. They more than live up to the 100% Dance music all the time!"


Music Critic

"If you're looking for Charisma from a high energy show band, then I guarantee you will have a winner with CJ Ryder and the Past Masters"...


Mid America Music Association


"If you're Looking for great entertainment that is guaranteed professional, festive, and fun, then here it is!"


Riverside Casino and Resort, Riverside Iowa

"Easily one of the best acts anywhere today if you want high energy, danceable songs, excellent stage presence and just pure entertainment then this act is the one you should book".

Oelwein Coliseum Ballroom.



Cryo Freeze

   CJ RYDER -In 1967, an international rock and roll star was frozen, The powers that be were worried he knew too much.

   Now the time has come to bring him back into the 21st century. In his time, he influenced the biggest names in music and was the most energetic and magnetic name in rock and roll. Now, the times have changed, But CJ will never change.

   Ever the wild man, CJ RYDER brings his special firebrand persona and talent to every show he does. He is the living embodiment of Rock and Roll! From his smash hit "MY SUMMER LOVE in 1957 to his being cryogenically frozen in 1967, his life has been one legendary ride.

He has built an incredibly loyal fan based on not being content to stand on stage and sing. His reputation for involving the crowd in His shows is also legendary.

A consummate professional CJ has been performing his entire adult life, bringing decades of experience and showmanship for the fans. He has built a reputation as a must-see performer and with the Past Master's band, he proves every show why the band has won so many awards for their incredible shows.

You will never forget this show and will be waiting for the next go round with CJ RYDER and the Past Masters!

Meet the Band



Layne Goldsberry

Layne Goldsberry - Bassist

The low end in the band is vital to keeping people on the floor and having a great time. Layne has played bass for packed dance floors for 35 years.

 Cutting his teeth on American and British rock and roll from the 50’s and 60’s, Layne is a true fan of the genre and an expert at recreating this beloved style of music.  He knows how to read a crowd and keeps the beat with Keith.

They comprise one of the best rhythm sections in the business. Layne also sings and can play every instrument in the band.

A truly versatile player and entertainer. Layne lives in Iowa and has a large collection of vintage guitars and basses.

He loves music and that comes roaring through the bass when he plays. Dedicated to entertaining the crowd and keeping everyone dancing is Layne's lifework.


Keith Lindsey

Keith Lindsey - Drums

Keith has played in numerous touring acts and spent years on the road honing his skills on the drums.

He brings a unique style and flair to the band. The high energy pace of this band is driven by the feel of the drummer and Keith is all about feel.

Its what makes people jump on the dance floor and cut a rug! Keith spent years working with many top name artists in Texas when he was based in Lubbock. He now resides in Iowa.

Touring with CJ RYDER and Past Masters is a passion, Keith loves the music and it shows in his style and ability to keep the floor packed and moving. The crowds love his onstage antics and persona. Keith is fun to watch!

He is the engine in this well-oiled machine.


Micheal Clair

Micheal Bear Clair - Guitar/Keys

Bear has been in the music business since he was a teenager. From being a session player in Nashville and performing on the Grand Ole Opry with some of the biggest stars in Country to being a touring member of some of the biggest names in rock and blues to coming full circle back to his rock roots,

Bear brings 4 decades of touring and recording skill to the stage every night.

His passion is classic Rock & Roll and his influences range from Eddie Cochran to Chet Atkins. He has played on Grammy-nominated recordings and won the best score for a documentary film in 2007.

He endorses Ernie Ball products and has been in the Ernie Ball family of Musicians for many years. Also endorses Rocky Mountain Slides and uses the custom Slides onstage.

He resides in a small town in Iowa with his wife and children.


Todd Wiley

Keys and Vocals

Todd’s live music career started in 1981 and has spanned across almost four decades. He has played country, heavy metal, classic rock and now 50’s and 60’s in many different bands including Remember The Alamo, Diablo, Bad Habit, Code Blue, Restless, Street Talk and Infinity among others.
Todd’s musical talents include piano and keys, guitar, lead and harmony vocals. His influences include Floyd Kramer, Elton John, Edward Van Halen, Dallas Holm, Vince Gill, well….this list could go on and on. He’s been influenced by so many different artists from so many different genres that a book could literally be written about that subject alone.
Todd began his love for music in the early 70’s when his father brought home a free upright piano. Out of his siblings Todd was the only one to take interest in playing early on. He honed his ability through constant and sometimes annoying practice. He also played piano in Church for his father who pastored several Churches during Todd’s youth.
Todd resides in Urbana, Iowa with his family where he also leads Worship every Sunday at Oak Grove Church.

Ernie Ball CJ Ryder2

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